june 2010 : For those who doubted (even us sometimes...) the CD is released !!!!!!!!!!!!

april 2009 : 5 years now !! Third mix is beeing processed. It's the right one. Yes we can...

march 2007 : We started the CD 3 years ago ! We're not the fastest ones, right ? Mastering is on the way...

april 2005 : Yann Emery arrives on violin.

march 2005 : Well ! What's happening with this CD ?? It's slowly taking shape. We're only recording on week-ends and not all of them. So, it takes a lot of time ! All the instrumentation is over. Jean-Luc is currently recording the voices.
A tentative release date ?? Hem... not yet. We'll let you know.

april 2004 : At last, we're starting recording our first CD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arnaud is back on drums for the project... and maybe more ;-)

december 2003 : Diego plays with too much bands... We're once again with no drummer. Grrrmblrrh !

april 2003 : new demo songs available in the sounds section.

summer 2002 : Back to 5 !! Due to personnal problems, Sundae is unable to continue. Francois plays bass again. Next demo in january 2003.

march 2002 : Changes continue : Diego is back on drums after 7 years ! Arnaud, who has played with Beth since a few months, couldn't be deeply involved in the two bands although he tried to. Thanks and succes to him, Beth seems to take off ! We'll meet again for some nice meals, Nono...

january 18, 2002 : Two new members in the band. Sundae replacing Gilles who quit the band in november and a second guitarist : Florian Motteau.

august 25, 2001 : Oort played in a festival in "Le Trevoux" (south of Finistere in France) with the following bands :
Vital Duo, Louisville, Priam and Quest.

january 29, 2001 : Three new samples !!
Go to the sounds section.

july 11, 2000 : The samples are now mp3 files.

february 21, 2000 : Our style evolved significantly since a few months... Spock's Beard 's influence or a touch of jazz-rock can be heard. New samples will soon be available to show these changes.

january 5, 2000 : New link to Prog or die : the ring.

june 1, 1999 : New link to Apocalypse en 9/8 (French webring about progressive rock).

may 16, 1999 : Same samples in Realplayer G2 format.
The sound quality is greatly improved.

april 27, 1999 : Two sound samples are available.

april 22, 1999 : The guestbook is also open.

april 17, 1999 : This site is open !! Let's go. It's still in construction but it will get better.
Enjoy !


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