OORT seriously started at the end of 1993 when Jean-Luc Spehner (vocals, flutes), Francois Albert (guitars), Pierre-Eric Coucharriere (guitars) and Olivier Martin (keyboards) decided to start from scratch again after a few misfortunes towards the rhythm section. The band became stabilized when Frederic Miquelin (drums) and Jean-Michel Vautrin (bass) respectively joined in january and february 1994.

A first soundtrack was realized in april. Its result was rather convincing, even if the band members had only been playing together for 4 months. Six songs were therefore recorded on a 8-track tape and then mastered on a CD used to create the demo tapes. In may, Frederic Miquelin informed the band that he wished to go back to ‘hell’ to play his favourite style of music : trash-metal... damned ! Diego Guyard took the place of Frederic and was brave enough to face the band’s first concert just one week after he joined... Well done ! The following day, the band carried all its gear along to shoot a video in Nantes. What a week-end ! Unfortunately the film won’t be used and has not been used ever since.

The band kept enlarging his repertoire and performing on stage or in bars. In may 1995, it was Diego Guyard who left the band and the new drummer was called... Frederic Miquelin, back from hell, not too burnt and ready to start anew. In february 1996, OORT recorded a second soundtrack made up of 5 songs. In july, Jean-Michel Vautrin left his place and the decision was taken not to look for another bass player -Francois and Pierre-Eric would in turn play the guitar and the bass- so as to make the arrangements clearer and give the vocals their real place. The band performed concerts again after a little period of adaptation. Frederic Miquelin left again in september 1997.

Arnaud Tizon took his place in october. Just time for him to get used to OORT’s repertoire which is now quite widespread and the ‘new band’ shows an harmonious cohesion. Concerts have started again since march 1998. In july, 11 songs were recorded for a new demo. In august, OORT took part in the 2nd progressive rock festival 'proglive' in Corbigny (58) along with Xang, Priam, Osm'oz, Outside, Abraxas, XII Alfonso and After Crying.

In september, bang, Pierre-Eric quits... but he plays for a show already booked in october. It takes a longer time to replace him and Gilles Roggia arrives on bass only in february 1999. Francois is back on a full-time-guitarist-job. First show for the new band in march... and it's on the road again !

November 2001 : Gilles quits. We're looking for a bass player, we can't find one, Francois plays bass, we're looking for a guitar player, we find one... we also find a bass player, the 2 of them stay in the band, Francois is back on guitar... Anyway, in january 2002, welcome to Florian Motteau on guitar and Sundae on bass. OORT is back to 6 members.

March 2002 : Diego Guyard is back on drums after 7 years ! Arnaud, who has played with Beth since a few months, couldn't be deeply involved in the two bands although he tried to.

Summer 2002 : It's been a long time since the last changes ;-) We're back to 5 !! Due to personnal problems, Sundae is unable to continue. Francois plays bass again. Next demo in january 2003.

April 2004 : we're recording our first CD with Arnaud on drums. Diego left because he didn't have much time for all his musical activities.

March 2005 : we're still recording. It's very long but it'll be worth the wait !

April 2005 : There's violin in Oort for the first time. Yann Emery got the job and should be able to play on a few tracks from the CD.

March 2007 : Mastering is on the way...


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